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Document Name: Text F27 source definition
Document ID: doc1635
Description: Foundry27 source package definition file supporting IDE Foundry27 source import feature.
Version Comment: EOY2009 update.
Version Created By: Andy Jin(deleted) - 06/30/2009 5:51 PM EDT
Status: Draft
Current Version: 6
Size: 17.78 KB
Lock: Locked Locked
Locked By: Andy Jin(deleted)

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Active Version Version Comment Review Created By Status
Active Version 6 EOY2009 update. Andy Jin(deleted) - 06/30/2009 Draft
Version 5 Refactor to support simplified package definition and support import from local archive Andy Jin(deleted) - 04/15/2009 Draft
Version 4 Support "Target OS" and "Maturity" definition. Steamline package definition requirements. Andy Jin(deleted) - 04/06/2009 Draft
Version 3 Re-factored to create one project per BSP source checkout Andy Jin(deleted) - 03/17/2009 Draft
Version 2 Andy Jin(deleted) - 03/17/2009 Draft
Version 1 Initial version using internal BSP tags. Andy Jin(deleted) - 03/06/2009 Draft

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