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wiki1124: Tinderbox_contents


The tinderbox is a self-hosted QNX6 x86 PC used to build and run the head branch kernel regression testsuite with the head branch software. It's purpose is to proactively catch checkins that break the build or cause regression failures. This is accomplished by setting up a tinderbox machine that performs automated nightly builds and regression runs.

The results and builds will not be made available to external sources.


  • Run daily builds (as defined below) and kernel regressions of binaries. Regression runs are estimated to take 8 hours to run to completion.
  • Daily regressions will be turned off on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to allow the regular weekend regressions to run.
  • PRs will be raised for any build failures.
  • PRs will be raised for any regression failures.
  • PR owners will be hounded until they are resolved.
  • Past sandboxes will be kept if it can be done in a low maintenance way (automation). These will be used for debugging. Keep one or two. If keeping two, automate in a way that one good one is kept and not two broken ones.
  • Successful builds will be pushed to developers to use as dog food.

The tinderbox will be used to:

  • Checkout and build the head branch regression tests
  • Checkout and build the head branch core OS components
  • Run the automated regression testsuite against the head branch OS components on selected targets.