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wiki4471: PerlsOfWisdom

Stecher's Law#

The likelyhood of a longstanding bug to reveal itself is inversely proportional to the length of time until the release deadline.

Dahms' Corollary#

Once a longstanding bug is found by one person, everyone will start finding it and, it even though it has been benign for years, suddenly it will stop everything from working.

Schellenberger's Conjecture#

Wait long enough and the problem will go away.

Rajeev's Rebuttal#


QNX Rule#

The last one to touch the code owns it.

Dahms' Theory#

The best way to impede progress is to impose process.

Corollary to the Above#

Process is the epoxy that that greases the wheels of progress

The Mallory Principle#

Software problems always have a trivial solution in theory yet rarely in practice.

Yet another corollary to Stecher's Law#

If it is unreproducible, it will happen again. For schedule, consult Stecher's Law.

Doug's Dilemma#

The fastest way to get an unreproducible problem to occur is to close the problem report as unreproducible.