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Quick Guide to the OS Source#

Gimme! I want all the source now! #

This project does NOT include source access. To get source see: policy for source access.

Once you have joined the project that includes OS source access, see details in

If you are QNX or RIM internal you can browse the rouce on foundry27: full source tree. If you have downloaded the source, chances are good you will also want to read:

Where are the good bits?#

The operating system (remember, by "operating system" or "procnto" we mean kernel and process manager) is comprised of the following pieces, each described on its own page:


The Kernel Source Guide /services/system/ker

Proc (aka the Process Manager)#

This provides the "process management" aspects of the system, including virtual memory and pathname management. It is the special process #1 multi-threaded server and is OS comprised of:
The Memory Manager/services/system/memmgr
The Path Manager/services/system/pathmgr
The Process Manager /services/system/procmgr and /services/system/proc
Public headers for the above, plus the kernel, are stored in /services/system/public.

The C Library (aka the clib or the glue)#

Anatomy of the C Librarylib/c

Can't find it here?#