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wiki1149: Cross_Endian_QNet_Technology

Overview #

Currently, QNET only works in a single endian environment. Development has been done to allow big-endian and little-endian processors to communicate over QNET. This has not yet been released in product. The portion of this development work which applies to the Core OS Component, is being rolled into standard product as part of the Trinity 2 project.

The Trinity 2 requirement is to provide the necessary updates to enable cross-endian QNET such that, the release will be forward compatible with other QNX processes / services that will eventually deliver cross-endian QNET capabilities.

It is important to note that Trinity 2 will not deliver cross-endian QNET, however it makes the kernel changes necessary to achieve future compatibility. The entire scope of work required to enable Cross-Endian QNET requires resource manager updates that are beyond the scope of Trinity 2.

Design #

Design details for Cross Endian support in the Core OS component include:

  • updates to procnto
  • updates to libc
  • update to the pipe and posix message queue