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wiki1130: Adaptive_Partitioning_Scheduler

Adaptive Partitioning - Scheduler #


What is it?#

It's a fair-share thread scheduler which guarantees groups of a user-specified percentage of cpu time when the system is overloaded. When the system is sufficently underloaded, it chooses to schedule threads based strictly on priority and therefore maintians realtime behavior. Even when overloaded it provides realtime latencies to an engineerable set of critical threads.

Scheduler Partitioning is part of an overall resource partitioning strategy. See Adaptive Partitioning.

Table of Contents#

  1. Presentation on APS
    • slide presentation: history / use cases / why is it "adaptive" / why is it cool
    • video commentary by the main perp to go with the above slide presentation:
  2. QNX Designer's Documentation
  3. Hacking
  4. Links to user's documents:
  5. Other links