Meet the Perps

The QNX Kernel: Meet the Perps

Ever wonder who to blame for the QNX OS/Kernel? Here are the relevant mugshots.

The Elder Gods

AkA the retired gods. People who made huge contributions to the kernel, or ascended to omniscience, but then moved on.

Dan Dodge

It all began with Dan: the original QNX developer, now president of QNX. The whole idea of the QNX operating system is pretty much Dan’s. Dan is the soul of the operating system.

Recently Dan has architected the ETFS filesystem and wrote much of the code.

Peter "PeterV" van der Veen

Former OS, and general QNX, Architect. Wrote the original QNX lib/c, process manager, and co-wrote the original kernel with Dan. Put the S & M in SMP. Now retired and safely beyond the reach of PRs.

Kirk Russell

Former QNX Test Architect. Kirk has passed into legend for his ablility to break other people's code. We still take his name in vain.

Sebastien "Seb" Marineau-Mes

In 6.3.2 wrote the latest optimizations for fast message passing. Knows pretty much everything, but is now VP Engineering, which limits time for kernel hacking.

Thomas "toh-ma" Fletcher

Past architect of the Momentics IDE and MultiMedia Engine. Only person on the planet who actually understands sporadic scheduling and the path manager. Escaped to parental leave.

However, the elder gods are busy running the universe. So the day-to-day operations of the Kernel is left to:

The Current Kernel Gods

Brian Stecher

Memory Management Architect. Architect of the QNX source tree, build environment and make files. Knows everything else too. Would be an elder god except he’s in the code daily.

Colin Burgess

Guru of lib/c, the debug interface and the instrumented kernel. Knows everything else too.

Shiv Nagarajan

Guru of critical process monitoring; master of malloc. Knows everything else too.

Sunil Kittur

Responsible for the ARM and SH SMP code. Has been mistaken for a guru on account of the hair and beard. Our secret agent in Kernow. (Did we mention our plans for world domination?)

Minor Imps and Demons

However some the QNX kernel guys are too new to have achived omniscient status:

Mike Kisel

The Memory Partitioning guy.

Doug Bailey

SH processor architecture guy. Actually capable of documenting how to build the kernel.

Attilla Danko

The Adaptive Partitioning Scheduler guy.

David Sarrazin

Filesystems Guy

Neil Schellenberger

Please do not feed the kernel developers.

The Ego Crushers

Though technically outside of the kernel team, Testers are the scourge of the kernel developers. They’re actually developers themselves who specialize in writing test code.

Chris Travis

Marian Kos

Linda Deng


Angelina Gomes
Knowlege of the C language pretty much fully occupies our temporal lobes, meaning kernel developers communicate with grunts, wild gestures and macro invocations. So it’s up to Angelina to translate the fevered ramblings of kernel developers into readable English. Angelina wasn’t wearing her superhero costume for this photo.

Cat Herder

Steve Bergwerff
Steve has the unenviable task of managing all of the above, except for the testers and elder gods.


Lisa Stecher
Lisa is an honorary member of the kernel team. She earned the honor by supplying our weekly kernel team meetings with delicious cakes and goodies. She makes status meetings something to look forward to.

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