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QNX install on vmware ESX3i  
Now that VMware is giving away ESXi for free, I decided to try installing QNX on it.

First of all, VMware ESX(i) does not support IDE hard drives, only SCSI.  But SCSI support is available for a QNX-
compatible Buslogic host adapter, so it should be ok.

There are two problems that I see that prevent this from working:

First, On both the 6.3.0SP3 and 6.3.2 installation CDs, in /etc/system/enum/devices/block, there are two lines for the 
Mylex/Buslogic controllers, one of which is the correct one, but then the "requires" line loads the AMD driver instead 
of Buslogic!!

And second, devb-btmm does not auto-detect the virtual Buslogic controller, even though it's a supported model.  If you 
manually specify the I/O port and IRQ, then it loads properly.

Note also that looking at our development system, once QNX is installed, /etc/system/enum/devices/block is correct, or 
at least tries to load the BusLogic driver, unlike the one on the CD.

Here is the excerpt from /etc/system/enum/devices/block on the installation CD:

device(pci, $(PCI_VEND_MYLEX), 1040)    # Buslogic
device(pci, $(PCI_VEND_MYLEX), 8130)    # Buslogic
        requires(devb-amd $(DEVB_OPTIONS), "amd pci=$(index)")

Note how it detects the Buslogic controller and then loads devb-amd!

Here is the output of the "pci" command showing the virtual controller:

Class          = Mass Storage (SCSI)
Vendor ID      = 104bh, BusLogic 
Device ID      = 1040h,  BT-946C (BA80C30) [MultiMaster 10]
PCI index      = 0h
PCI IO Address  = 1060h enabled
PCI Mem Address = f4800000h enabled
PCI Expansion ROM = 0h disabled
PCI Int Pin    = INT A
Interrupt line = 9
CPU Interrupt  = 9h

Here are the outputs of devb-btmm with no options, showing how it does not auto-detect the controller (the pci=0 option 
doesn't help), followed by forcing the ioport and irq where it loads successfully:

# devb-btmm
# xpt_configure:  No btmm interfaces found

# devb-btmm btmm ioport=0x1060,irq=9
# Path=0 - 
 target=0 lun=0     Direct-Access(0) - VMware   Virtual disk     Rev: 1.0

Is there anything that can be done to "patch" the installation CD?