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Guidance on analyzing a single function  
I have a function being called in an interrupt task that is taking too much time.  This interrupt is being fired every 
millisecond and is calling a function which walks through in a list of queued objects and called a method.  Normally, 
the function takes just a few microseconds.  Occasionally, this function overrruns 1 millisecond.  I need to time the 
function and all subroutines, and keep a stack trace for each subroutine to find the culprit.  I tried enabling Function
 Instrumentation but this brought my program to its knees.

Short of renting an expensive JTAG emulator, is there a way to with the available tools provided with QNX?

I realize that I will likely need to add tracing calls to individual functions, but I will need to store times and stack
 traces quickly and then do post-mortem analysis of the data to trap this in as close to real-time as possible.  Can 
this be done?