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Momentics 6.3.2 and Core OS 6.3.2A - Windows Host  
Having installed Momentics 6.3.2, I'm in doubt whether Core OS 6.3.2A is included (the docs are a bit confusing in this 

According to the 6.3.2A release notes, 'The QNX Neutrino Core OS 6.3.2A is identical to 6.3.2, except that we've updated
...' does indicate that this is not the case.

Further, the output from my qconfig:

QNX Installations

  Installation Name: QNX Momentics Development Suite 6.3.2
            Version: 6.3.2
     Base Directory: C:/QNX632
           QNX_HOST: C:/QNX632/host/win32/x86
         QNX_TARGET: C:/QNX632/target/qnx6

Additional Packages

looks completely different from the example in the 6.3.2A release notes.

But when trying to install Core 6.3.2A, I'm informed that 6.3.2A has already been installed.

Can someone please enlighten me? 

Jacob Dall