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Here is a run down of my first experience with QFC:

For some reason I have been unable to install any of the plug-in ( subversion, doxygen ) on my Eclipse setup (4.0.1).

Eclox ( Doxygen ) says " QNX Momentics QNX SDK ( requires feature "org.
eclipse.cdt (3.0.1)", or compatible."

Subversion plug in shows:  Current configuration contains errors that are not corrected by the requested operation and 
more errors would be introduced. See details for more information.
  ----- Current configuration problems -----
    QNX Momentics QNX SDK ( requires feature "org.eclipse.cdt (3.0.1)", or 
  ----- Configuration problems after the operation -----
    QNX Momentics QNX SDK ( requires feature "org.eclipse.cdt (3.0.1)", or 
    JDT Ignore Extensions (Optional) (1.0.4) requires plug-in "org.eclipse.jdt.core".
    Subversive Integration for the Mylyn Project (Optional) (1.0.9) requires feature "org.eclipse.mylyn.context_feature"
    Subversive Integration for the CSC Project Set Project (Optional) (1.0.5) requires feature "com.csc.dip.projectset.

I manually check it out, ( on self hosted 6.3.2 ).  I have doxygen but not the dot modules , which made the generated 
documentation (html) unreadable.

I haven't try to use it so far, definitely interesting and Rennie, a big thanks. 

I have been starting to play with the Poco library which is IMHO a very nicely designed C++ library.  I can't put my 
finger on it or make any positive suggestion but I do find that there is a lack of organisation in the QFC mainly when 
compare with Poco.  Or maybe it's just the way the resulting documentation is layed out, that does give a sense of "

I'll keep playing with it and try to come up with more constructive comment if applicable ;-)