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Multiple instances of TCP/IP stack and socket communication  

If a SOCK environment variable is set to the same “prefix” name used to
start a TCP/IP stack, then:

From a FAQ in QNX developer web site "The SOCK environment variable is set
so that QNX libsocket can identify which stack instance to use"

I cannot find any other official QNX document validating this information.
Can someone please confirm this or point to more detailed information on how
the SOCK environment variable is used within QNX, and if there are any
caveats to this.

Also I would like to confirm that a socket in a process (e.g. telnet client)
started using a specific SOCK environment will communicate with another
socket in a process  (e.g. telnetd) started using the same SOCK environment
variable, and no code changes is required in the processes (e.g. telnet and
telnetd), and no other parameters, or functions need to be set for this to

If for some reason,  a process started on SOCK=/sock2, wants to talk to
another process started on SOCK=/sock3, what is the recommended way of doing