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io-pkt threading priority question  

We are running io-pkt in QNX 6.5.0.  We have some questions about priority levels on receive operation, and the handoff 
between the driver level and the TCP stack.

We are specifying elevated interface-specific priorities at the driver command-line options.  When the driver is done 
servicing the hardware at this elevated priority (on a receive event), and the thread becomes the TCP stack thread, does
 the TCP stack operation continue at the same priority as the driver?  If so, is there any way to lower the thread 
priority when it becomes the TCP stack so that it can be pre-empted if more packets come in to the hardware?

We have a requirement for a critical path from the hardware to a network filter to handle time-critical packets, and 
thus need guaranteed response to receive events in hardware.

Dan Laffoon