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pf.conf and NAT  
REF: QNX 6.5

I'm pretty much tearing my hair out over this one.   I have a target board with two nics.  One will be visible on the 
internet and the other will have a NFS server.

The IP's are

host: fpx0: fpx1:


I want to be able to ftp through the board to the NFS server using ftp.   These are the things I've tried.

1) put a line in /etc/sysctl.conf

I've also tried starting 

# io-pkt-v4-hc -ptcpip forward

The file /etc/pf.conf has the lines
rdr on fxp0 proto TCP from any to port 21 -> port 21
nat on fxp0 from to any ->

I've also tried a number of variants on this.

Finally I load as follows:

# mount -Ttcpip lsm-pf-v4.so

And... nothing happens.  If I ftp from outside to I get nothing if inetd isn't running, and if it is I 
get the ftpd on   
I can always ftp from this machine to and get the NFS server.

 #pfctl -s nat
gives the error No ALTQ support in kernel :-(.

A few side comments.
There are no error messages I can find generated by bad commands in pf.conf.
The documentation with 6.5 on /etc/pf.conf is dense and impenetrable.   I couldn't find anything to explain the 
occasional '!' inserted in a command.   To figure this out at all I had to google some UNIX docs.

Thanks for any assistance.