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Forum Topic - MME startup optimization: (3 Items)
MME startup optimization  
The document "Optimizing the QNX Aviage Multimedia
Startup" has a table on page 5 comparing startup times
under different conditions.

We are wondering what kind of hardware these tests
were being run on (CPU, clock speed, storage medium)
as we are getting much longer times on an i.mx35 syste
with much less dramatic differences between storing the
DB on etfs and tmpfs:  5.5 vs. 5.0 sec.

Another question:

Why does "Empty Startup" take more time
than startup with "10 MB Database" in the case
of fs-qnx6?     (2.2 vs. 1.7 sec)

Re: MME startup optimization  

The tests were run on a moderately fast x86-based system. But I want to emphasize that they are illustrative only; 
actual numbers will be affected by more than just the processor type and speed. The intent of the paper was to 
illustrate the possibilities and that customers should examine the options and decide what is best for them.

The probable reason for the empty start-up case being slower than the 10M database start-up case is that there are no 
databases at all in the empty case, and the empty databases themselves have to be built up from the schema files. The 
assumption is that this takes longer than checking the existing 10M database. In general, the former operation involves 
reading and writing; the latter reading only.

Re: MME startup optimization  
Thanks Tim, that explains it quite well.