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Forum Topic - support of latest iPod models by MME 1.2: Page 1 of 4 (4 Items)
support of latest iPod models by MME 1.2  
The section "Apple devices that support digital audio"
on Page 154 and 155 of mme_dev_guide.pdf lists the
minimum firmware version of several supported iPod
devices, but not the very latest ones.

Are the following devices supported by MME 1.2
and what are the minimum firmware versions required?

1. iPod Nano 4th generation
2. iPod Touch 2nd generation
3. iPhone 3G
4. iPhone 3GS
5. iPod Classic 120 GB

6. Is there any difference in the required firmware
    version for these 3 devices:
         iPod Classic 80 GB
         iPod Classic 160 GB
        iPod Classic 120 GB

Thank you!