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Forum Topic - Problem with displaying 90's Music playlist by Aviage: (2 Items)
Problem with displaying 90's Music playlist by Aviage  
There is a problem with the font while displaying a playlist called 90's
Music by using exploring API functions of Aviage Multimedia Suite version
1.2 alpha(build 20.14). The 90's Music playlist actually is a default
playlist in iTune, hence its name can not be changed. The problem is after
exploring it from iPod by Avaige, then print out the path on console, and
will find that something wrong for displaying the apostrophe as
/Music/Playlists/90’s Music~2.

BTW, there is no problem for displaying the personal playlists which
created by iTune, for example, like Chris's playlist, 80's playlist, etc
by using the same iTune, iPod and API functions.

The procedure to reproduce:
1) Find an iTune with a default playlist called 90's playlist. (The one I
am using is verson
1) Sync 90's music playlist with the iPod by iTune (The iPods I found the
issue are 3th Gen Nano and 1st Gen iTouch).
2) Using Avaige explore API functions to retrieve the path info of 90's
Music playlist and print it out on the console.
3) Then will find there are something wrong with the apostrophe, but no
problem with other personal playlists which also have the apostrophe like
Chris's playlist or 80's Music etc.
Re: Problem with displaying 90's Music playlist by Aviage  
> /Music/Playlists/90’s Music~2.

That's ugly but not surprising.  Aviage in general uses Unicode encoded as UTF-8; the console is not Unicode-aware and 
interprets each byte of UTF-8 as a separate character encoded as ISO 8859-1 or your Windows code page, depending on 
whether your console is the Neutrino text-mode console, a telnet application running under Windows, or something else.  
Apparently the apostrophe in the playlist name is not the ASCII "Apostrope" (0x27) but the Unicode "Right Single 
Quotation Mark" (U+2019), which, when converted to UTF-8, consists of three bytes: E2 80 99.  In the Windows Western 
code page, those are the codes for a lower-case "a" with a circumflex, the Euro symbol, and the Trade Mark sign.