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TIP#3 - Configuring Limits in the MME  
When using embedded systems with limited resources, there are many occasions where imposing limits will improve the 
overall user experience.

The MME provides limits in many ares that can aid the overall resource usage and speed. All of the limits can be 
adjusted via the MME configuration file.

#1) Synchronization Limits
1a) Folder Limits
The MME can limit the number of folder items at synchronization to a given number. This number represents the total 
number of items that will be added from a directory to the MME database during synchronization.

1b) Folder Depth Limits
In many cases the ability to limit the depth of a file system on a media store is required.  The maximum depth of 
recursion can be set using "MaxRecursionDepth" configuration element.  After reaching the set value the synchronization 
process will end the recursion of the folder chain, returning to the last common level and continuing.

1c) Playlist Limits
Playlists created by end users, can be extremely large, processing this data can be limited using the "MaxLines" element
 in the "PLSS" section of the configuration file.  The value of this element will instruct the MME to stop processing 
the playlist file after reaching a set number of lines in the playlist.

1d) Synchronization Buffer Limits
The number of synchronization buffers that the MME uses while adding media data into the database is configurable using 
the "MaxSyncBuffers" configuration element.  Synchronization performance can be affected by this value, however the 
larger the value the larger the memory resource required is.

#2) Mediastore Limits
The "MaxMediastores" element limit sets the maximum number of media stores that can be in the system at any time.  If 
this limit is reached, the MME will start to prune out the oldest media store, to make room for a new one.

#3) Database Usage Limits
No embedded systems have an infinite amount of space to store media data collected during synchronization.  The MME can 
impose limits to the size of a database, before automatic pruning of old, unused data is started.  This limit can be set
 using the "MaxDatabaseSize" configuration element.