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Cannot drive the audio card, please help..  
The audio card on the PC is on the support list, use pci in terminal the result is : 

Class= Multimedia (RAM)---I don't know why is RAM, it should be Audio? 
VID= 8086H 
DID=3a3eh 82801JI, 

The support list said it can be drived by deva-ctrl-intel_hda.so. I have checked the deva-ctrl-intel_hda.so is in the /
lib/dll. so I try : 
io-audio -d intelhda in the terminal, but the /dev/snd fold is empty.. 
and I also try to add following command in the /etc/system/enum/devices/audio 
device(pci, ven=$(PCI_VEND_INTEL), dev=3A3E) 
append(legacy, ",noaudio") 
mount("-Tio-audio -opci=$(index) /lib/dll/deva-ctrl-intel_hda",) 
after reboot the PC, there is no snd fold in /dev/ at all, 

Does this mean the audio card not supported?Or I made some mistake? 
Many Thanks in advance!