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iPod video 'connection' selection not taking effect  

We recently updated to the MME/iPod v1.2.1 drivers (on an ARM LE platform). We used to be able to use the preference 
'connection/component/k' in the startup of io-fs-media in order to get the iPod Touch to use the component output. This 
no longer seems to take effect. After i start up the driver i've used the function mme_device_get_config() and the 
returned XML data structure says:

'<connection value="composite" valuetype="enum" modifiable="no" alternatives="none,composite,svideo,component"/>'

(see the attachement)
which clearly is not what i specified in my startup of io-fs-media:

io-fs-media -dipod,transport=usb:sconfig:busno=00:devno=01:audio=/dev/snd/ipod-00-01,pref=lineout/on/k:video/on/k:screen

I've also tried this on an iPod Nano with the same behavior.

Is this no longer the preferred method of setting the preferences?
Attachment: Text ipod_xml_example_no_good.txt 1.71 KB