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Get Axis network camera working  

We are evaluating the Multimedia Aviage Core 1.2.
Our main goal is getting the suite working with an Axis 223M network camera. But we got stuck on playing video.

I’ve added the following lines to ‘/db/mme_data.sql’
INSERT INTO outputdevices(type, permanent, name, devicepath) VALUES(2, 1, 'outputvideo', 'gf:8086,27ae,0?dsth=240&dstw=
INSERT INTO slots(path, zoneid, name, slottype) VALUES('/dev/socket', 1, 'INTERNET', 10);

The resources are stated as described in the MME Quickstart Guide.
Some queries with qdbc showed me that ‘Internet’ is added to the mediastores and ‘socket’ is added to the slots.

Then I follow the commands of page 145 from the dev guide to play some video.
# mmecli newtrksession f "SELECT fid FROM library WHERE ftype=5 AND msid=1"
# mmecli settrksession 1
# mmecli trksessionview_append_file 1 1 rtsp://
# mmecli play

The output from sloginfo showed the following lines

Mar 08 02:46:24    5    27   200 MDP:mdp_mgr_init(264): Starting metadata plug-in initialization.
Mar 08 02:46:24    5    27     0 MME:dbs_init(561): Starting database synchronizer initialization.
Mar 08 02:46:33    2    27     0 MME:_play(3147): Could not create a graph
Mar 08 02:46:33    2    27     0 MME:_setgenericvalue(860): Send Error for request=2, value=0.  errno 61

I see in the sloginfo there is something wrong with the graphs. 

Does someone have example graph for a network camera so I can compare it against my graph or have some ideas to get the 
network camera working?

My config for io-media-generic is attached to this post.
Attachment: Text io-media-generic.cfg 9.12 KB