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Aviage HMI and iMX25  
I hope I am posting this in the right place, otherwise I will hopefully be pointed at the right place or person. 
I am working on a new development project using the iMX25 together with QNX. For the GUI I had planned to use Photon. 
However, last week I saw the presentation from Sheridan Ethier, in which he showed a demo where the iMX 25 was used 
together with the aviage HMI suite to create a very modern looking user interface. I am very interested in this 
technology however also have some general questions:
Our product will have an 800 x 600 pixel display. If we don't intend to display any video on and the only regular "higly
" dynamic element will be a graph in which four data plots will be updated every 5 to 10 seconds, will the iMX25 
(400MHz) be powerful enough to handle this. 
Where Can I get more information on how these User Interfaces are created. Especially, how does my User Interface that i
 create with Adobe Creative Suite end of communicating with my application? How do I send data back and forth? 
Are there any demo projects? Is there a trial version of the Aviage HMI Suite? $
The strength I see in this is that I don't need to take the HMI design from my designer who already uses Photoshop, and 
now try to reimplement that using photon. I would hope to save a lot of time and energy in using the Aviage HMI Suite to
 directly use those designs. 

Thank you for your help