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Forum Topic - Support for FLAC/ALAC formats: (4 Items)
Support for FLAC/ALAC formats  
Does QNX currently support FLAC (Free Lossless) or ALAC (Apple Lossless) formats, or are there plans to support them?
Re: Support for FLAC/ALAC formats  
No we don't currently support those.  It wouldn't be difficult to add flac to MMF as we have done that before.
Re: Support for FLAC/ALAC formats  
Excellent.  So how can we make FLAC (and possibly ALAC) support become a feature of the next release?  

We've seen that with the larger media stores/iPods and the inclusion of digital media support in high-end audio 
equipment, lossless formats are becoming more popular.  It is becoming important to support these formats with our 
Re: Support for FLAC/ALAC formats  
There are a couple options:

1.   You could do it yourself.  There are several examples with code in this foundry project (ogg for example).
2.  You could contract QNX to do this through custom engineering.  We would add it, and then provide you a patch against
 our commercial product and it would be tested and supported by us.
3.  We can wait until it is included in an upcoming release.  At this point there aren't plans for flac support.

We're happy to help you best effort with #1.  You can email me (dcardamore@qnx.com) if you choose to go #2.