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Forum Topic - Confirm bugs in 4.7.0?: Page 1 of 10 (10 Items)
Confirm bugs in 4.7.0?  
Can someone confirm if the following are known bugs in the IDE?

 I have include files that are stored in subdirectories under the workspace directory but not in a project.  The path to
 them is absolute.  The compiler finds the files when building.

The editor can't find include files in the "extra include paths".

When I edit one of these files and then build the project, the file is automatically saved but make does not detect the 
change.  I have to force a rebuild of the whole project to incorporate the changes.

I have all these external source and include files in one directory and have to add both an extra include and extra 
source path to the project to get the editor and compiler to recognize them.  This causes double references in the 
project for each file and confusion as to which one should be opened for editing.  I would like to be able to separate 
the source and include files into separate directories.  And since they are stored under the workspace, I would like to 
be able to reference them relative to the workspace instead of using absolute paths.