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how to make zoom in PtTrend  

I am trying to make zoom in Y axis in PtTrend by getting maximum and minimum value of PtTrend and then setting those 
values anew. Unfortunately I cannot get them properly(their values displayed in console are wrong). I use PtGetResource 
function a lot and it's working well but not in this case. Could you tell me why is it hapening?

Secondly, I would like to zoom in X axis also, but I do not know how to send table with trend data from feeding callback
 to other callback which will make zoom(I plan to make zoom X by displaying only part of all data on whole PtTrend). 
Could you tell me how to do it?

Lastly, could you give me some advice about which widget is the best for activate zoom callback? For now I use buttons. 
I am a beginner so forgive me those questions.

Thank you for your patience and your help in advance.