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Forum Topic - Problem whle loading image using PxLoadImage(): (1 Item)
Problem whle loading image using PxLoadImage()  

I am using PxLoadImage() to load the .jpg file.

My concern is that to what location should i copy the .jpg file so that it could be loaded from application and 
displayed on screen.

Is PxLoadImage() load file from its default path and how can we modify that path.

Lets say:-

If i am using ETFS file system and my application image is at "fs/etfs".
and this application is suppose to load the .jpg file and display on screen but my concern is that where i should place 
the .jpg file so that it can be loaded.

Do I have to place the .jpg file at same location "fs/etfs" or somewhere else.

This seems to be a very silly doubt but Please help me...!!!

Thanks a lot