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devf-generic shm_ctl: Function not implemented  
I have an ARM 926 based board that has a large-block NAND flash device. I 
am trying to start devf-generic and get a shm_ctl: function not 
implemented message as follows:

# ./devf-generic -s 20020000 -vvvvv
Released Flash Library - BX630_193_release
Build: Sep 16 2005 13:34:02
(devf  t1::f3s_start:198) calloc(1,  128)
(devf  t1::f3s_start:228) calloc(1,  64)
# shm_ctl: Function not implemented
(devf  t1::f3s_start:247) free() 128 bytes @ 0x12d0a0)
(devf  t1::f3s_start:248) free() 64 bytes @ 0x12b0f0)

Am I supposed to run something else first before executing this command? 
Any other ideas?

Todd Peterson