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on -f xxx on M2 crashes kernel  
I build a .boot file on an Trinity M2 machine.  I copied that .boot file to a 6.3.2 machine ( the idea is to be able to 
use 8Gig of ram) but I didn't want to setup the developpers with a beta release, mainly because I can't go back.

If from a 6.3.2 machine I do on -f xxx ( xxx being the TrinityM2 .boot machine), the machine will display a nice kernel 
dump.  I tried the same thin on a full TrinityM2 machine ( not just the .boot ) and it's the same problem.

That full TrinityM2 machine has only 1Gig of ram and one processor so that issue isn't related to the extra ram (8Gig) 
or SMP kernel.