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Forum Topic - problem in installing qnx6.3.2 on x86: (2 Items)
problem in installing qnx6.3.2 on x86  
Hi all,

i have downloaded the iso image for qnx6.3.2.
made a bootable disk.

but while installing on x86 machine , it takes too much time.
give me some idea , how much time it takes to install.

Thanks & Regards
Re: problem in installing qnx6.3.2 on x86  
What do you mean by 'too much'? How long did it take for you?

The issue probably is that all the development tools also get installed, not just the OS. I've asked for an 'OS-only-
install CD' for years now. It even is available, but not download-able. It is my understanding that this will change 
with 6.4, though.

In the meantime, try the 'lite' version, it only installs the compiler, libs etc. for x86.