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Qemu as debug target  
Hi all,
I have seen the wiki to have QEMU as the test target, and VMWare as debug target.

It would be nice to have qemu as debug target. As it is more reachable to all users, good to have a wiki which describes
-> building qnx sources (already present)
-> using x86/arm/mips bsp  to build a complete image
-> loading imagge with QEMU
-> connecting momentics to debug the kernel

Re: Qemu as debug target  
I'm actually testing it right now with simple images for different architectures.  I'm learning how to do all of that 
stuff right now, and I certainly plan to update the wiki once I have it all worked out.

Stay tuned . . . there should be some more info mid-week.

 - Sada
Re: Qemu as debug target  
I've just discovered (documented in the Tech forum) that you need to start seedres and pci-bios manually in the build 
file, before diskboot, otherwise QNX won't detect the PCI bus. Hope this is of use to you...
Re: Qemu as debug target  
Hi Sada,
Any updates on using Qemu, basically i want to debug kernel on Qemu's ARM target.