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Steve's notes from the wiki review  
# Table (licensing page?) should not be edited because Thomas is creating a script to replace it.  Suggestion: Add a 
note on the page to state this.
# Add link from main page to Thomas’ how-to-develop page
# In perps page: Russell has 2 L’s
# Typo in file description of meet the perps page (entirely and associated are spelled wrong)
# In the “For Developers” section remove some of the content so it’s just a preview for the linked page.  Same for “
Understanding OS”.
# Remove FIXME links for “how to hack” with link to Thomas’ new page for this
# add instructions for hokey method in sourceforge of getting to the  source (e.g. click the button then select view 
then …)
# replace mini-driver fixme with the link to mini-driver doc
# suggestion to change Attilla’s links at top of page to something more scalable/consistent/less colorful.  Fred 
suggested looking at how other pages have done it following the template
# reduce number of forums
# remove “for QNX employees” section of forum description