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Forum Topic - Using a PCI Express FPGA with your QNX system: (1 Item)
Using a PCI Express FPGA with your QNX system  
Hello all,

For those we are considering PCI Express FPGA's in your next QNX embedded design
we are glad to announce QNX Neutrino RTOS support for our scatter-gather DMA solution for PCI Express FPGA's, called 
Lancero SGDMA.

The Lancero SGDMA solution allows direct SGDMA I/O between your FPGA logic and user space application buffers in virtual
 memory, achieving highest bandwidth and lowest latency, especially on QNX Neutrino RTOS systems.

Lancero scales from x1 Gen 1 to x16 Gen 2 systems and supports x86, ARM, PPC architecture platforms such as:

Atom to i7 x86 systems
ARM Marvell Kirkwood
ARM TI AM38xx SoCs, DM81xx SoCs
PowerPC QorIQ series, MPC8536E, AMCC 460ex
Intel E65xC (codename Stellarton) single-package dual-die CPU + FPGA

More details and evaluation licenses are available from http://www.lancero.biz/

With best regards,

Leon Woestenberg

Sidebranch -- Embedded Systems Software
Lancero -- PCI Express SGDMA IP core and device drivers