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Forum Topic - New x86 boot methods: (3 Items)
New x86 boot methods  
Two new packages have been added to the Bazaar enabling additional boot options for x86 systems. 

1.  pxqldr provides a PXE loader (source, binary and documentation) for network boot using typical BIOS support

2.  qnxldsys provides a DOS device driver (source, binary and documentation) allowing boot of Neutrino .ifs files 
directly from DOS bootable media or partition.

Re: New x86 boot methods  
I've tested pxqldr.bin and it pretty works on -at least- 5 different ethernet adapters. Thanks Dennis!
Before that, I started with pxegrub (aka part of Grub Legacy) but it has hard dependency of certain ethernet controller 
(for every controller there is a pxegrub-driver). It works on grub-known cards, but not on another.
Before I used pxqldr (which QNX ifs format and PXE API specific!) I spent too many time for grub, because pxegrub+QNX 
boot loading method was illustraited in QNX docs(Appendix: Advanced Qnet Topics). My vision, there should be note to :
1. pxegrub CARD RESRICTION feature
2. words about pxqldr (or any new will appear) + tftpd restriction (qnx distrib version..search for my post obout it).
This can help new to PXE boot tast people start without above described problems.

Re: New x86 boot methods  
FYI - Mike seems to be referring to this post that indicates you may need to get the latest tftpd if neutrino is your 
pxe boot server...